How Much Is The Surgery Cost?

May 14, 2019 | Focus News

The cost of a procedure is always a big question this is why we will be providing you a surgery information kit prior to your surgery. It has a consent form for you, an admission letter and the cost estimate of the procedure. But if an emergency procedure is needed, this information may not be provided. Other than fees relating to Dr. Dan and an assistant surgeon, other surgery related costs such as the anaesthetist, hospital fees and incidentals will be provided in the surgery information kit.

If you have concerns and would like to know more about available financing options, just clink on the link below:

Dr Sommit Dan is a leading Adelaide shoulder specialist. He provides minimally invasive and more complex treatment for all shoulder injuries and conditions. An Australian trained orthopaedic surgeon and highly skilled in arthroscopic (keyhole) shoulder reconstructions, rotator cuff repair and shoulder replacement surgery, Dr Dan treats patients as people. His goal is to his patients navigate the frequently challenging roadmap to recovery, empowering them along the way.