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Feeling daunted by your upcoming surgery?

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We know it’s unreasonable to assume patients are familiar with all aspects of their surgical procedure, especially if it’s new territory. The reality is, many aren’t aware of what’s involved, but don’t feel confident enough to ask questions that build understanding.

That’s why we go to great lengths to ensure you have what’s needed to feel comfortable and empowered about your procedure and recovery.

Many questions are common to all patients and we’ve summarised them here. If you can’t find the answers to your queries below, just ask at your appointment with Dr Dan.

I've got questions!

What’s the expected timing of surgery after my initial consultation?

Depending on the urgency of treatment, our team will schedule you in for surgery as soon as possible.  Usually we’re able to schedule patients in within a few weeks after their initial consultation.  Timing is dependent on many factors, including your own life circumstances, however we will do all things possible to fit your surgery in to meet your needs.

Where will my surgery be performed?

Dr Dan performs surgery at:

Based on the procedure you require, Dr Dan will advise the preferred location.

What do I need to do in preparation for surgery?

Preparation for your surgery will entail both physical and mental activities.  For anaesthetic purposes, you will be required to fast prior to your procedure.  You will also need to make arrangements for drop off and collection from hospital, and for some, there may also be a requirement to seek alternatives for childcare and take time off work.  If you require assistance with your surgery preparation, let us know.  Dr Dan or one of the team will be able to help.

Many patients feel anxious about surgery.  If you feel this is a concern for you, please talk to us.  Our goal is that your experience is as stress-free as possible and we will do what we can to achieve that, including providing personal reassurance.

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What does my procedure involve?

Dr Dan performs many different procedures, with each one involving different techniques to realise various outcomes.

Once you and Dr Dan agree on your procedure, he will explain all aspects of it in detail, using information and visual resources.

Because each patient is unique, we only make high level treatment information available online.  This helps to ensure the information you receive is accurate and specific to you.  We have found this approach, together with your one-to-one consultations and providing useful resources, is the best way to share information and empower you.

What can I expect post surgery?

We advise patients they need to proceed gradually – the success of your recovery depends on it!

Dr Dan provides every patient with a tailored post-op physiotherapy protocol, which is taken to their first physiotherapy appointment.  These guidelines are comprehensive and outline the history of your condition and Dr Dan’s treatment from its commencement and recommendations for ongoing therapy.

Ideally, you will have put in place measures to help you navigate the early days following your surgery and, as mobility and strength return gradually, you will be able to perform more activities with confidence.

Any concerns that arise during this time should be raised with Dr Dan.

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