Faced with a shoulder injury
that needs intelligent care?

It makes sense to work with a specialist who has deep knowledge
and experience of shoulder injuries and their treatment.

As a focused orthopaedic shoulder specialist, Dr Dan is a leading provider of diagnosis and treatment of shoulder injuries affecting professional and amateur sportspeople and any patients affected by emergency, acute and complex shoulder issues.

Whether your injury has occurred as a result of sport, work or life, Dr Dan has an excellent understanding of what it takes to travel the recovery pathway.

Together with his team, he’s focused on providing targeted surgical and non-surgical treatment leading to optimal recovery outcomes. For every patient.

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Wondering why the game of life can be as tough as being on the field?

We can tell you why. Because it is.

Performing certain tasks repetitively or incorrectly with upper body limbs can take its toll over time. Long term, wear and tear can lead to serious debilitating shoulder conditions. This is a common condition among men and women aged in their fifties and older.

With typically less upper body strength than men, women can find themselves affected by shoulder injuries, particularly those associated with the rotator cuff - the four tendons responsible for stabilising the shoulder joint.

Experiencing pain and stiffness in your shoulder and less mobility than you’d like? Why not attend a clinic?

Dr Dan will complete a full assessment and diagnosis to identify the treatment required.

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A shoulder injury can impact
every aspect of life

But as a sportsperson - whether it’s serious professional or
weekend amateur - the impact can be especially debilitating.

We fully understand the frustrations caused by sporting shoulder injuries. One minute you’re flying high; the next? You’re on the sidelines keeping score.

The most common shoulder injuries from sport are dislocations and tendon injuries. In every case, these injuries are unwanted! In some cases, they’re serious injuries requiring more immediate care.

It’s with this awareness in mind that we’ve established our Priority Shoulder Injury Clinic.

Held early in the week in our rooms, the clinic is designed to address the issue of no or poor injury diagnosis, which often leads to ineffective treatment and poor recovery. Streamlined from booking through to diagnosis and treatment, the clinic helps our patients avoid unnecessary delays and uncertainty about next steps.

We treat athletes who perform in all sports. Whether it’s football, swimming, soccer, tennis or ping pong, we’ll help get you back in the game.

Yes, I want help with my sports shoulder injury! Book me in for the clinic.

We’re building a strong
community of
complementary providers

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We appreciate the importance of the referrer-specialist relationship, which is why we’re building Adelaide’s leading community of treatment professionals.

With the intention of fostering collegiate respect and support, Dr Dan encourages general practitioners, allied health professionals, other specialists and holistic practitioners to enhance patient recovery outcomes by working collaboratively.

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