Medical costs for surgery and long term recovery treatment can be a concern for many patients

We work with you to create manageable options that make recovery a reality

Financial costs associated with treatment can seem a little daunting, but they should never prevent you from receiving the intelligent, quality medical care you deserve.

We work with our patients to devise a treatment pathway that is ideal for recovery and can be integrated into your life and budget.

Treatment pricing takes many factors into consideration. Depending on whether you are a public, private or self-funded patient, fees may be charged for the:

Initial consultation

Assistant fees
Anaesthetist fees


Hospital charge


Here are a few other facts about
fees to keep in mind

Private Patients

Patients with private health insurance are able to nominate their preferences to see and receive treatment from Dr Dan.  Consultation and surgery fees and charges are partially rebated by the patient’s private health insurance. Final charges are determined by the patient’s individual choice of health cover and the type of procedure required.

Private Patients
Workcover Patients

Workcover Patients

Treatment costs for WorkCover patients are covered fully once an insurance claim is approved.  Dr Dan’s team will assist you with any administrative queries you have regarding your claim, ensuring costs are not passed onto you incorrectly.


Similar to patients funded by private health insurance, self-funded patients are able to nominate their preferences for seeing and receiving treatment from Dr Dan.  Fees and charges are quoted prior to surgery to allow patients to make informed and empowered decisions regarding their decisions for treatment.

Patients who receive the pension are extended discounted treatment rates from Dr Dan.  Please ensure you mention this at your consultation enquiry and we’ll factor this into your treatment costs.

Public Patients

Public Patients

Patients receiving treatment via the public system are charged an initial consultation fee, with other surgery related charges related covered by the public health system. Emergency procedures may receive more immediate attention, however, there are often long wait lists for elective surgical procedures.

Still concerned about treatment costs?

Patients who may find surgery costs unmanageable have the opportunity to investigate a new payment option. is an organisation that allows eligible patients to access their superannuation to fund their health care needs. MySuperCare is helping patients to realise their health goals everyday and they may be able to help you.

With financial options available to suit many budgets, including patients without private health cover

we make recovery possible for every patient.