Successful practice for every
medical and health professional involves building a strongly networked professional community

We want you to be part of it!

Every medical professional works as part of a bigger team. 
For true success - positive patient outcomes and professional fulfillment - it’s essential for us to work collaboratively and in a spirit of collegiate support.

Beyond my own practice as a leading shoulder specialist in Adelaide, I am committed to building a community of engaged and dedicated medical and health professionals. It is my intention that this community provides the basis for reciprocal patient flow and the exchange of knowledge and skills.

My purpose for the community is twofold. Yes, I want to continue developing a strong referrer network based on mutual respect and the delivery of intelligent medicine. But equally, I am focused on engaging our broader patient community to make empowered decisions about their health.

Why not join me?

If you want to connect with Dr Dan directly, learn how he can help your patients, or understand more about Dr Dan’s experience, technical skills, and expertise, he can be reached a number of ways:

I understand that whether you’re a professional athlete whose career is on the line or a patient with complex shoulder issues, recovery and relief are the end goals.
I work together with patients to achieve that.

Dr. Dan

Focus Founder & Specialised Shoulder Surgeon