How to know if the Priority Shoulder Injury Clinic is for you

We understand that injuries or issues with existing conditions rarely occur at convenient times.

We also know that failing to receive a timely and accurate diagnosis leads to poor recovery outcomes.

Kim at Focus Shoulder

This dedicated clinic is designed to address the timing and assessment issues by helping patients who’ve incurred an injury or aggravated their condition unexpectedly:

  • At work during the week
  • After a weekend amateur or professional sports match
  • Working around the home
  • And been referred by their GP or presented to a hospital emergency room and require urgent specialist assessment.

Common conditions assessed at the clinic include shoulder dislocations, fractures, any injury requiring urgent orthopaedic assessment.

Treating patients who are self-referred or referred by other health professionals, the clinic is a streamlined, holistic service at which Dr Dan’s specialised team can field enquiries, guide and assist each patient through a prompt assessment.

The benefit to you?

Streamlined, intelligent care, assessment and treatment plan that avoids unnecessary delays, reduces uncertainty and gets you on the recovery road faster.

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