Shoulder Symptoms

May 14, 2019 | Focus News

A large population-based survey from South Australia found that shoulder symptoms affect 22% of adults. Other studies reported that the point prevalence of shoulder pain in the general population aged less than 70 years ranged from 7% to 27%, and the lifetime prevalence of shoulder pain was up to 67%. While shoulder pain can occur across the lifespan, people of working age are commonly affected given exposures to occupational risk factors and risk of injury from recreational or competitive sport participation.

Dr Sommit Dan is a leading Adelaide shoulder specialist. He provides minimally invasive and more complex treatment for all shoulder injuries and conditions. An Australian trained orthopaedic surgeon and highly skilled in arthroscopic (keyhole) shoulder reconstructions, rotator cuff repair and shoulder replacement surgery, Dr Dan treats patients as people. His goal is to his patients navigate the frequently challenging roadmap to recovery, empowering them along the way.