Troubles with Sleeping After Surgery?

May 14, 2019 | Focus News

Sleeping after surgery can be difficult because it’s uncomfortable. So patients ask us — how do they sleep after surgery?

#DrDanSays that it depends on how you generally fall asleep before surgery. Those who usually sleep on their back don’t have much problems but it can get uncomfortable if you are a side or tummy sleeper. Most people generally sleep propped up on a couple of pillows or a recliner over the first 2 weeks post surgery. Then it generally improves from then on.

Dr Sommit Dan is a leading Adelaide shoulder specialist. He provides minimally invasive and more complex treatment for all shoulder injuries and conditions. An Australian trained orthopaedic surgeon and highly skilled in arthroscopic (keyhole) shoulder reconstructions, rotator cuff repair and shoulder replacement surgery, Dr Dan treats patients as people. His goal is to his patients navigate the frequently challenging roadmap to recovery, empowering them along the way.